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What Are The Basic Features Of fileIT?

We have worked hard to make fileIT powerful but also very easy to setup and use.
Once fileIT is enabled on a record you will be able to enjoy an assortment of useable features.

  1. You can add file(s) to Dropbox by dragging and dropping them onto the Salesforce page.
  2. You can click on the file icon to open the file in Dropbox.
  3. You can click the file name to download the file.
  4. You can delete files by clicking the trash can icon.
  5. You can restore files by clicking the recycle icon.
  6. You can copy the Dropbox public share link by clicking the link icon.
  7. You can create a folder by clicking the folder icon.
These are the common actions but there is so much more to fileIT​
  • fileIT can build file and folder structures automatically for you through template folders.
  • You can personalise both the name and the structure of the folders fileIT creates by using custom folder paths.
  • You can switch on automatic renaming which will update the folder in Dropbox when you change the corresponding Salesforce record name.
  • fileIT is Salesforce1 mobile enabled so you can view your files on the go.

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