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How Do I Make Custom Objects Available For Salesforce1 Mobile?

When you create a custom object it is not immediately compatible with Salesforce1 mobile, however all you have to do is enable the feature when you set up the Visualforce page.

  1. Navigate to the Setup page.
  2. Under App Setup click on Develop and then Pages.
  3. Click New.
  4. To create the Visualforce page
    1. Give your page a Label and a Name i.e DropboxForProjects.
    2. Check Available for Salesforce mobile apps box.
    3. Copy and paste the code below replacing the green insert name text with your object API name for example wbdbox__Project__c .
      <apex:page standardController="insert name">
      <style> body { margin-left:0px !important ;margin-right:0px !important; } </style>
      <wbdbox:FileIt ></wbdbox:FileIt>
    4. Click Save

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