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Custom Field Mappings

When you add your Salesforce contact or lead records to Campaign Monitor we send over a name and email address.  You might want to send over more Salesforce data to allow email personalisation or list segmentation.  To do this Campaign Monitor allows you to create custom fields on your subscriber lists. These fields can be updated with Salesforce data using our integration. You can also pass data back from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce and even create Salesforce records.

Custom field mapping vs Import Wizard

Our integration offers two ways to update custom fields with Salesforce data.  The easiest option is to use our import wizard which combines importing records and mapping custom fields in one simple flow. It also allows you to work with any Salesforce object.

If you are working with contact or lead records and prefer to use another of our options to import you'll need to setup custom field mappings which is explained below. 

Set up custom field mapping for a list

To choose which data is synced between Campaign Monitor's custom fields and Salesforce contact and lead records:

  1. In Salesforce, click the app menu at the top right, then select Campaign Monitor.
  2. Click the Custom Field Mappings tab.
  3. Select a subscriber list to set up the custom field mapping for, then click Next.

Map Salesforce to Campaign Monitor

To sync Salesforce contact and lead records to Campaign Monitor custom fields:

  1. Select Map Salesforce to Campaign Monitor from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Map to select Salesforce fields, and match them to the available Campaign Monitor custom fields.
  3. Click Add Row to map other Salesforce Fields. A custom field matching that record will be created in Campaign Monitor. The name of the field will be auto-generated but can be changed by clicking edit next to the new custom field name.
  4. Click Save.

Map Campaign Monitor to Salesforce

To update Salesforce based on Campaign Monitor changes as well as create new contacts or leads:

  1. Select Map Campaign Monitor to Salesforce from the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose which New Subscriber Rule you want.
    • Don't Create - Just updates Salesforce based on Campaign Monitor changes
    • Create Lead -  Will create Salesforce Leads when people are added to the Campaign Monitor subscriber list.
    • Create Contact - Will create Salesforce Contacts when people are added to the Campaign Monitor subscriber list.
  3. Click Map in either the Contact or Lead column.
  4. Select a Field from the dropdown. Optionally provide a default value for Salesforce if the Campaign Monitor custom field doesn't contain any data. If you don't want to update existing Salesforce records, only newly created ones, check Only use mapping when creating a Salesforce record.
  5. Click Select.
  6. Click Save.

Click Apply field Mapping to other Subscriber Lists to use the same field mapping for another Campaign Monitor subscriber list.


Bi-directional Sync

Bi-directional syncing of custom fields is not currently supported due to a limitation in Campaign Monitor API.  There is, however, a workaround.  You can use custom field mappings in the direction of Campaign Monitor to Salesforce to update Salesforce every hour by default.  

You can then use our import wizard to update Campaign Monitor.  The import wizard can be scheduled to run as often as every hour of every day.

It is worth noting there is no conflict resolution in this solution.  Custom field mappings will update Campaign Monitor every hour (by default), the import wizard will update Salesforce. 


Full Refresh of Mapped Fields

Perform a full refresh on the mapped fields by checking the Retrospective Save box and pressing Save. This will bulk update any mapped fields from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor.


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