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When you connect Campaign Monitor for Salesforce, we will automatically update Salesforce page layouts for Contact, Lead and Campaign objects for easy access to campaign statistics and subscriber management tools.

The two related lists added to contact and lead pages are “Subscriber List Memberships” and “Email Tracking Statistics”. The list memberships displays which lists the contact or lead belongs to. It also provides a direct link to subscriber profiles in Campaign Monitor, and buttons to quickly add contacts or leads to additional lists, or unsubscribe them from all lists.

The email tracking statistics object shows how individual contacts and leads are engaging with your email campaigns. It lists the emails sent, along with the contact or lead's basic email activity: whether they have opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed. Click the campaign name, or Edit, to view the sent email. Or click a link in the "Activity Report" column to view reporting in Campaign Monitor.

If you use Salesforce campaigns, you can link sent email campaigns to them via the "Campaign Monitor Statistics" object added to campaign pages.

When campaign statistics are activated, you can view basic statistics without leaving the Salesforce campaign page, or click View Report to see in-depth reporting in Campaign Monitor. Links are also added to the web and plain text versions of your email, and worldview.  On the Campaign Member related list there is an "Add Members to Subscriber List" button. This allows you to quickly add Campaign Members to a Campaign Monitor list, you can also filter on a status.

If for any reason you need to undo this automation or you have and want to reapply the page layouts follow these instructions.

  1. In Salesforce, click the app menu at the top right, then select Campaign Monitor Admin.
  2. Click the General Settings tab.
  3. Select the Maintenance option.
  4. From here you can choose to Setup or Remove Layouts

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