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Manage General Options

Manage General Options

The general options page can be reached via the menu Apps -- > Campaign Monitor Admin --> General Settings --> Options

The general options page provides the commonly configured settings for the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce integration.

Email Opt In/Out

  • "Prevent Contacts or Leads being added to lists when Salesforce Email opt out is checked" - If the Salesforce Email Opt Out field is checked on a Contact or Lead, then the Contact or Lead cannot be added to any subscriber list in Campaign Monitor. This only impacts future 'Email Opt Out' field updates in Salesforce.
  • "Unsubscribe Contact or Lead when Salesforce Email Opt Out is checked" - Unsubscribe the Contact or Lead from lists in Campaign Monitor when the Email Opt Out field is updated to true/checked on the Salesforce Contact/Lead.
  • "Set Email Opt to true when a contact or lead is unsubscribed or deleted in all lists" - Automatically update the 'Email Opt Out' field to true when the email is unsubscribed from ALL Campaign Monitor lists. This field is updated when the main sync next runs (typically hourly).
  • "Set Campaign Monitor subscriber status to deleted when Contact or Lead is deleted in Salesforce" - If a Contact or Lead is deleted in Salesforce, update the corresponding email in Campaign Monitor (for all subscriber lists) with the status of Deleted.

General Options

  • Enable support for Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) - The Non-Profit Pack uses workflows that may conflict with email updates. Enable this setting if you are using NPSP or are using workflows to update the standard email field.
  • "Show tabs on the Campaign Monitor layout in Salesforce" - Enable to show more Campaign Monitor options on the Campaign Monitor tab in Salesforce.
By default, the additional menus are hidden. Typically this is to hide some functionality from Salesforce users. 

When the "Show tabs..." option is turned on, more menu items are available within Salesforce.

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