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Manage Campaign Settings

The Campaign settings page can be reached via the menu Apps -- > Campaign Monitor Admin --> General Settings --> Campaign Settings


Campaign Settings

  • Update Salesforce Campaign statistics with Campaign Monitor statistics - Update the linked Salesforce Campaign with Campaign Monitor Campaign statistics (E.g. the total number of clicks, opens etc.).
  • Auto create Salesforce Campaigns from Campaign Monitor Campaigns - Automatically create Salesforce Campaigns for each Campaign Monitor Campaign and link the two together. Salesforce Campaigns will be created when the main sync runs (N.B. this is not retrospective - only Campaign Monitor Campaigns created after the date this setting is enabled will result in Salesforce Campaigns being created).

Status Refresh Behaviour

The Campaign status refresh behaviour option controls when the Salesforce Campaign Member status field will be updated. The Salesforce Campaign Member status field is updated each time the main scheduled sync runs (and it finds new email tracking records)

  • Never = Don't update Campaign Member statuses.
  • Always = Update the Salesforce Campaign Member status field each sync.
  • Once Only = Only update on the Salesforce Campaign Member status field sync once. This can be helpful where you only wanted to capture the first interaction with the email (e.g. the fact they had opened it) but didn't want this overridden at a later date (e.g. by the recipient clicking links within the email). Or where you manually set the status after the first time the user has interacted with the email.

Note: The Salesforce Campaign Member status field will only be updated if the Activity Date field on the Salesforce Campaign Member record is either empty or is greater than the last Activity Date.

Auto create missing Campaign statuses

When "Auto Create Missing Statuses" is active, the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce application will automatically create any mapped statuses in Salesforce. 

For example, if the status Clicked ( under "Campaign Monitor Activity" ) is mapped to Registered, then the integration will check if the "Salesforce Member Status" includes the item Registered and will automatically create it if it doesn't.


This article provides details on managing Salesforce campaign member statuses:   How do I add values to the 'Member Status' campaign field?

Mapping Activity Statuses

The Salesforce campaign member status value can be mapped to values coming from Campaign Monitor. For example, you could map the Opened status from Campaign Monitor to a Salesforce status named Registered.

In addition to mapping the statuses, you can also determine which statuses count as a response from the customer. This relates to the Salesforce responded fields on the campaign (E.g. Respondes in Campaign).



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