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Manage Sync Settings

Manage Sync Settings

The Campaign settings page can be reached via the menu Apps -- > Campaign Monitor Admin --> General Settings --> Sync Settings

Sync Now

The Sync Now button will start the main synchronisation job in the background. This job is responsible importing Campaign Monitor data into Salesforce. 

This "main" sync job can take up to an hour to run, although typically it runs within a few minutes. It will typically sync all the records in Campaign Monitor that have changed sync the last sync.

Note: This sync does not control Automatic Subscription rules or Custom Field Mappings where the direction is set from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor). Where configured, updates to records in Salesforce are sent to Campaign Monitor in near real-time.


Disconnecting Salesforce from Campaign Monitor will:
  • Stop records syncing between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor
  • Stop any active Campaign Monitor jobs in Salesforce
  • Stop any scheduled Campaign Monitor jobs in Salesforce
  • Reset Campaign Monitor user overrides and client ownership permissions in Salesforce
  • All Campaign Monitor data outside of Salesforce will remain unchanged

Import Frequency

The  "Import Frequency" buttons determine how often the "main" sync will run. The options are:
  • Never - I.e. the sync won't automatically run. 
  • Hourly - This is the default and recommended sync schedule.
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Connected Campaign Monitor Name/Clients

Campaign Monitor can be configured to have one or more Campaign Monitor "Clients" for a Campaign Monitor "Account". Typically there is only one "Client" (i.e. one area where you manage your templates and send email campaigns). 
  • "Connected Campaign Monitor Name" - if you are only connected to one Campaign Monitor client, then the name of that connected client will appear to the right-hand side of this label.
  • "Connected Campaign Monitor Clients" - if the connected Campaign Monitor user has access to multiple Campaign Monitor "Clients", then a Select Clients button will be visible. This allows multiple Campaign Monitor "Clients" to be synced at the same time. If there are too many selected clients to display on the screen, these will be hidden, but are still viewable by clicking the Select Clients button.

Email Tracking Data

  • "Import email tracking data (opens, clicks etc)" - when Active, the email tracking stats will be imported into Salesforce from Campaign Monitor. Which stats are imported are controlled by the "email types" and "days to keep" settings.
  • "What email types to import" - By default, all email tracking types will be imported. Optionally deselect types to prevent them from being imported into Salesforce (typically these are tuned to manage storage or restrict what Salesforce users can view).
  • "Days to keep in Salesforce" - Tune how many rolling days of tracking data to keep in Salesforce. Any tracking data older than the number of days specified by this setting will be deleted from Salesforce (but the data will still be available in Campaign Monitor and can be re-imported into Salesforce at a later date if required).

Advanced Settings

  • "Trigger 'joins a list' journey's when bulk adding subscribers" - Enable this setting if you want to bulk start journey's when bulk importing records from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor. Use with caution as this may trigger emails to be sent to all recipients in the bulk import. Also note that when bulk importing records, they may still start a Journey if the subscribers enter a new segment (e.g. a custom value is updated as part of the import which results in the contact entering a new segment which in turn can start the journey - regardless of this setting).
  • "Enable Salesforce Account trigger for Campaign Monitor actions" - Enable this setting if you have automatic subscription rules or custom field mappings that reference Salesforce Account fields.
  • "Disable Salesforce account, contact and lead triggers" - This disables Campaign Monitor triggers in Salesforce. This prevents automatic subscription rules, custom fields mappings and email opt out functionality. Typically this should be set to 'Inactive'. 
  • "Disable bulk triggers for account, contact and lead triggers" - This disables bulk Campaign Monitor triggers in Salesforce. When enabled, only the first modified record in a batch transaction will be processed (E.g. by automatic subscriptions).

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