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Manage Maintenance Settings

Manage Maintenance Settings

The Maintenance settings page can be reached via the menu Apps --> Campaign Monitor Admin --> General Settings --> Maintenance


This page can be used to:

  1. Refresh the Campaign Monitor data stored in Salesforce
  2. Add and remove Campaign Monitor for Salesforce page layouts
  3. View any maintenance logs (these are generated by the application)

Reset Stored Data

This area allows you to refresh Campaign Monitor data stored in Salesforce.


To refresh the Campaign Monitor data in Salesforce:

  1. Select the type of data you would like to refresh.
  2. Click Reset Data
  3. A background job will start (it's safe to leave the page and come back to it later).

Typically you would do this if there were missing or incorrect email statuses, email tracking data, subscriber list members (E.g. because your Salesforce org had previously run out of space and the sync had stopped for a while and now the data needed to be refreshed).


The Reset Data button is safe to use and no data will be lost. However, it can take a few hours to run. You can select which data to refresh.

  • Configuration, subscriber lists and campaign statistics - only refresh essential configuration data. This includes subscriber lists. E.g. if a subscriber list is manually created in Campaign Monitor, it will only appear in Salesforce when the sync next runs or this option is used.
  • Subscriber list members - full refresh the Subscriber list members record. E.g. the email address and status.
  • Email tracking data - a full refresh of all the email tracking data. E.g. opens, clicks etc.

Salesforce Page Layouts

When the application is first installed into Salesforce, the page layouts are automatically installed (unless the user cancels the setup).

  • Setup Campaign Monitor page layouts in Salesforce - This adds related lists, buttons etc to Salesforce page layouts. It does not remove any custom layouts. 
  • Remove Campaign Monitor page layouts from Salesforce - Remove Campaign Monitor page layouts from Salesforce (E.g. fields from the Contact, Lead and Campaign pages, along with buttons on the list views etc.). This does not affect any non-Campaign Monitor related layouts in Salesforce.

The following page layouts are added:

  • List View button Add Contacts to Subscriber List added to the Lead and Contact list view layouts.
  • Subscriber List Memberships and Email Tracking Statistics related lists are added to both the Lead and Contact Layouts.
  • Campaign Monitor Statistics section added to Campaign along with the Add Members to Subscriber List button. 

The screenshots shown here relate to Salesforce Classic. Layouts are also automatically applied to Salesforce Lightning.


Maintenance Logs

Contains a list of system messages. E.g. if a record cannot be synced from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce for some reason, a message will appear here (e.g. field has been mapped data to a restricted picklist field in Salesforce such as a country).

  • Click on the Code to view more information on our support site.
  • The Delete Messages button will clear out the message log

More detail on the message can be found by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the message. The user that raised cause the message to be logged will be listed here. This can be handy when understanding what permissions a user is missing.


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