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Import Wizard

The import wizard allows you to combine some of our most popular features seamlessly. You can quickly add Salesforce records from any object via a list view or report. You can also include additional fields from Salesforce to enhance your Campaign Monitor lists for segmentation or personalization. Finally, you can schedule the import for future runs automating a time-consuming process.

This video overview shows how the import wizard works, detailed steps below.

Using The Wizard

  1. The import wizard works with any Salesforce object.  If you have not already done so create a Salesforce report or list view ensuring you include an email field. 
  2. Next, select the subscriber list you want to work with by going to the subscriber list tab.  Then click the label of the list e.g. SL-0001.
  3. Now click Import Wizard then click the New Import button.
  4. The wizard will appear asking you to select between a list view or report.  Then you will be asked to choose the list or report.
  5. The next screen will allow you to map fields from your list or report to Campaign Monitor custom fields.  If you already have custom fields in Campaign Monitor, these will appear.  If not you can create them from this screen.
  6. The final step of the wizard allows you to immediately start the import, set up a schedule for future runs or both.   If you choose to schedule you can select one or more run times.  If you select all run times the import will process every hour.

You can optionally choose to replace subscribers on a list.  This will delete any subscribers from a list that are not contained within the import.  It is a useful and powerful feature but should be fully understood and tested before enabling.

You can also choose to clear out mapped values. This will clear out any mapped values in Campaign Monitor where the mapped value in Salesforce is blank. By default, the import wizard will not clear out blank values unless the 'Clear Blank Values' is set to active.

Once submitted a subscriber import record will be created and visible on the import wizard section.  Here you will be able to monitor the status of the import, see scheduling information, and view the results of a completed import.  Every time an import runs it will add any new subscribers and update custom field mappings.


Updating a Subscriber Import

Editing a subscriber import is easy, simply scroll down to the related list and click edit on the record you want to amend.  This will take you back through the import wizard allowing you to make changes.

Deleting a Subscriber Import

To delete a subscriber import simply scroll down to the related list and click del.  This will delete the import record.

Linking Salesforce Contacts and Leads with Campaign Monitor

A Salesforce record is typically linked to Campaign Monitor via the Email address. In Salesforce we use the standard email address field. You can override this behaviour by sending the Salesforce record Id to Campaign Monitor (as a custom field).

If there are duplicate emails in Salesforce, it will first attempt to match on the value found in the Campaign Monitor custom field named Salesforce Id. If no match is found or the Id is empty, then the match will be made on the most recently updated Salesforce record.


To link the records via the import wizard, simply map the Salesforce Contact or Lead Id to the Salesforce Id field. This automatically creates the custom field in Campaign Monitor and updates it with the Salesforce Contact or Lead Id.


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