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Subscriber List Members

A subscriber list membership record links a person to a subscriber list.  When these records are created we attempt to match them to a Salesforce contact or lead record by their email address.  If no match can be found the record will be created but not matched.  If at a later date a matching record is created the record will be matched when the next sync occurs.  In the event of more than one matching contact or lead record being found the match will be made to the most recently modified record. 

Subscriber list membership records appear on:

On the subscriber list membership related record found on a contact or lead record.


On a subscriber list under the member section.


On the subscriber members page under member lists.

Changing Email Address

When you change a lead or contact record email address we will trigger an update to Campaign Monitor.  This will change the email address on any subscriber list membership records to the new email address.  We will then update the subscriber list membership records back in Salesforce to reflect the change.

Subscriber list membership records

When viewing a subscriber list member record you have the following subscreens:

Member Details

Here you can see if the record is linked to a Salesforce contact or lead and their current Campaign Monitor status.  You can also manually change a person subscriber status. This sets the Email Opt In/Out status within Campaign Monitor. Typically this is on a per list basis - this can be configured via the 'Unsubscribe settings' on the subscriber list. This overrides the Salesforce 'Email Opt Out' field.

Member Lists
This shows you any other lists this subscriber email address is linked to and their current status.

Email History
This screen shows any associated tracking email statistics.  In addition to standard campaign data, you will also see tracking from Campaign Monitor journeys.  Tracking statistics that originate from a Journey have this icon  were as emails from a classic Campaign use this icon .

Currently, Campaign Monitor API does not allow tracking data from Journeys to be pulled back in batch.  To observe Salesforce limits we visualise the data in Salesforce instead of storing it.

Custom Values

Your subscriber list can contain custom fields.  This screen shows you what values are stored on Campaign Monitor for this list.


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