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How Do I Setup fileIT?

The process to setup fileIT is very straightforward. 
  1. After you have installed you will need to connect Dropbox to Salesforce.  To do this you need to go to our application File It App.
  2. Now select the fileIT Options Tab.  
  3. Now click the Link to Dropbox button.  
  4. You will then be re-directed to the Dropbox website, click the Allow button.  
  5. You are now free to add Dropbox Visualforce Pages to a page layout.  If you intend to work with custom objects you will need to create a page click here to find out more.  
  6. The first step is to go a page layout there a few ways to do this.  This method shows how to from a record in the object you wish to work with.  First go to a record like a contact and then click Edit Layout.  
  7. On the page layout editor drag and drop a section onto the page.  
  8. Now name the section (example Dropbox) and make it 1 column click ok.  
  9. With the section added click Visualforce pages from the table and drag and drop File It Record Linked into the Dropbox Section then click Save.  
  10. Now with fileIT enabled for this object it will create a folder in Dropbox under Salesforce Documents for each record you view or create.  You will need to repeat this process for every object you intend to use. Please note if you have more than page layout you will also need to repeat this process also.  
  11. The next step is to setup and assign users click here to find out more.  
  12. Finally you will need to share the Salesforce Documents folder created in Dropbox with any colleagues wishing to use fileIT to learn more click here 

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