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Manage data storage in Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017 10:58AM BST

Manage data storage in Campaign Monitor for Salesforce

Like any app that creates records, Campaign Monitor for Salesforce uses some of your record storage capacity. Each Salesforce record takes approximately 2KB, so if you have 10,000 active subscribers, syncing the subscribers alone will take up approximately 20MB of space. Add their email activity, and you could quickly exceed your storage limits.

This help topic is based on the Spring '17 release of Salesforce, using the Salesforce Classic interface.

While you can purchase additional storage from Salesforce, you can also restrict the data that is synced to Salesforce from Campaign Monitor to save space.

Limit email tracking data

One way to free up storage space is to limit the amount of email tracking data that is synced between accounts.

To do so:

  1. In Salesforce, click the App dropdown at the top right, then select Campaign Monitor Admin.
  2. Click the Tracking Data tab, where you'll see how much space Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is using compared to the rest of your organization.
  3. Below "What to track" click Selective to display options for reducing the amount of data stored. You can reduce the number of days data is kept (data older than this will be removed), or restrict the type of data imported.
  4. Click Save.

Prevent member sync

You can limit the data imported from Campaign Monitor per subscriber list in Salesforce using "prevent member sync". This setting is optional when creating a new Campaign Monitor list from Salesforce, or when editing a list you have already set up to sync between accounts.

With "prevent member sync" turned on, the following data will be imported into Salesforce, which you can find under the "Subscriber Lists" tab:

  • The list name
  • The client name the list is associated with (if you have multiple clients synced)
  • The list type: single or confirmed opt-in
  • The unsubscribe setting for the list
  • Basic statistics for the list

The following data will not be imported:

  • Subscriber email addresses
  • Subscription dates
  • Subscriber statuses
  • Subscriber names

When a list has "Prevent Member Sync" turned on, contacts and leads in Salesforce won't be identified as belonging to that list.


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